Our Work

Education for Sustainable Development principles underpin all of PADETC’s projects and activities. Programs are interlinked and highly synergistic.


1. Capacity Building for Organizations

PADETC uses its institutional experience to strengthen the skills of Non Profit Associations (NPAs),  emerging community-based organizations and other partners. It has experience providing institutional capacity building and management supportin the areas of:

2. Service Delivery through Learning Centers and Networks:

PADETC’s Learning Centers and Networks provide direct services to communities and other NGOs/organizations in the form of training/coaching and other services.  Each institution has developed its own training modules, tools, and networks of communities to work with.

3. Leadership and Advocacy:

PADETC plays formal and informal leadership roles in:

  • engagement with government at national and local levels;
  • civil society sector level initiatives; and
  • participation in regional and international civil society activities.

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