Local community learns about eco-fish farming.

Local community learns about eco-fish farming.

Panyanivej Eco-Rice
Fish Farm

The mission of Panyanivej is to educate young people and the general public about integrated rice-based farming systems and use of low input sustainable agriculture techniques.

Panyanivej actively promotes raising of fish together with rice to control insect pests. An additional benefit is better nutrition of farmers from getting extra-protein from the fish. The use of organic fertilizers, such as worm casts, in rice fields is an indirect way of fertilizing the rice. This promotes synergistic practices similar to those practiced in traditional rice cultivation and have been proven to be sustainable and effective.

Training of youth volunteers.

Training of youth volunteers.

Panyanivej’s role is to demonstrate sustainable production techniques to farmers, students and visitors. In addition it trains teachers on how to link these real life learning activities to the traditional subject-based teaching and learning in schools. Panyanivej has teamed up with PADETC’s Sompanya School to spread learning activities to the network of Quality Schools.

It is possible to organize training and meeting at the Panyanivej Eco Rice and Fish Farm, located only 5 km from Vientiane Capital at Ban Beuk. Please contact us for further information.

Panyanivej Eco-Rice Fish Farm is a registered Non Profit Association (NPA).

Achievements and Impacts:


  • Six students used the Learning Center as a case study for their research in relation to Eco-rice-fish farming.
  • Trained 42 farmers on organic farming and natural fisheries.
  • Trained 8 students on integrated organic agriculture, community data collection and project and financial management.

Further information

Email: panyanivej@padetc.org

Phone: 030 526 5653

Download: Panyanivej-Farm-Profile (PDF, Lao Language)




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