Increased youth and community participation

Network of Youth Volunteers

The education of Lao youth is at the core of the vision and mission of PADETC. The goal is to prepare Lao youth to become responsible adults with a strong understanding and appreciation of their Lao roots and culture.

  • PADETC developed and has maintained  a broad network of Youth Volunteers since 2005
  • PADETC developed a Youth Training Curriculum Since 1996 , which has been endorsed by the Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Education. It has now been applied to all youth volunteer programs throughout the country to streamline and guide the recruitment and training curriculum of youth volunteer programs nationwide.
  • Read more about the Youth Volunteer Network

“Hmong Sisterhood” – Promoting equal rights for minority women

  • To foster capacity and equal rights for women, especially minority women, PADETC provided an organizational umbrella for a group of young and enterprising Hmong women.
  • The group operates under the name VIV Ncaus or ‘Hmong Sisterhood’ project Since 2010. The Association of Consulting is Director of PADETC.
  • The Hmong Sisterhood project aims to promote mentoring for and networking between Hmong women in Laos and abroad, and to provide a forum to share information and experience.
  • PADETC provided a working space, basic administrative and financial management training support to the project staff and programming guidance. VIV Ncaus has since branched out on its own.
  • PADETC sees this kind of support as important to help small and emerging civil society groups to learn and grow prior to venturing out on its own.
  • VIV Ncaus website

Dhamma Sanchorn Buddhist Monks Network

The Monks Network started in 2003 as a way to encourage monks to engage actively in local communities and share knowledge on Lao ceremonies and traditions, as well as ways to apply Buddhist life skills.

  • Since 2010 the monks are allowed to conduct teaching of ethics and life skills education in schools outside Vientiane capital, thereby extending their reach to many schools in the provinces.
  • The program addresses the concerns of parents, schools and the government to the rising lifestyle risks (drugs, HIV/AIDS, trafficking etc.) faced by children in the rapidly changing Lao society.
  • The program has met great acceptance from local and central governments to have monks contribute to social/moral education.
  • Read more about the Dhamma Sanchorn Buddhist Monk Network

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