To support all civic actors to enable change towards a ‘Livable Society’ in Laos through holistic education development. This is balanced development centered on youth as agents of change for well-being and a livable society.


To build Lao society to become a holistic learning society through an integrated development process with the participation of all civic sectors that will support Laos in becoming a sustainable and livable country. For this mission, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a key concept.


To encourage people to eradicate suffering by building-up a happy life through holistic educational development, which promotes all values of life without avoiding inconvenient truths. To build access to a just Lao society and education for all communities and the new generation.

Background to the Strategic Plan 2013-2017

The prevailing development policy goal of the Government of the Lao PDR is graduating from Least Developed Country Status by 2020. It is highly likely that this goal will be attained. Over the past 2 decades (1990 – 2009) the per capita income has more than doubled and economic growth reached a average of 6.5%. Unfortunately the fruits of economic growth have been distributed inequitable, leading to increasing levels of inequality. Especially people living in remote areas and people belonging to ethnic minorities are living in poverty. In spite of steady economic growth, major challenges remain in the areas of nutrition, education, maternal health and UXO clearance. According to the Round Table Meeting report 2012 broaden stakeholder participation in policy dialogue, including private sector and Civil Society actors is needed to enhance development effectiveness. This is the development context in which the Strategic Plan 2013 – 2017 has been developed.

The Strategic Plan 2013/2017 has been prepared through a wide process of consultation within PADETC and with its key national and international partners in government and civil society and within the communities with which it is working. The strategic plan provides a clear way forward for PADETC to continue and enhance its effectiveness during the next five years. PADETC will review the strategic plan in 2015.


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